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Choppers 101

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Choppers 101 is going to be a tech resource for the home builder.
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Where is the blurb saying you鈥檝e received permission to use the reference material in the website?
I had a look but I was not able to find it.
Hey Rob...that post is dated years ago. Ken's been gone from here a long time. May be time to houseclean...Hate to throw anything out.
Hate to throw anything out.
My bad, It's not your site, it's Ken on his site "Choppers 101" who should be acknowledging the owners of the reference material.
Sorry about that.
Interesting site. Has anyone built their own bike from plans on that site? I'd like to hear your stories.
cool, this is what I'm lookin for the last 5 years..
thank you so much
Looks nice. Can't wait till they get it all ramped up & going.
Has anyone ever considered Demon cycles for a rolling chassis? I've been looking at them for some time, just not sure on the quality.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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