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Chain questions

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I have 16,000 on my 2002 750 spirit and the chain is at the end of its adjustment. Is this normal life for a chain? I lubed and adjusted it every 500 miles. Also, when adjusting the chain to the proper slack, haw much force do you apply when measuring the slack?
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I pull down on it kind of with some pressure and push up on it with some pressure. There is actually a weight spec of like 20 pounds or so. There is also a spec of how far it can be stretched and still be good, you measure between like 20 links. I don't know it off the top of my head. If it was an inexpensive chain that was put on from the factory then 16,000 is about right. Replace the sprockets when you replace the chain.
to check your slack use your index finger and thumb to check for proper free movement. You don't want to have the chain stretched like a rubberband where it takes a lot of force to wiggle it up and down. It is normal for your chain to have stretched but that sounds a bit excessive to be at the end of the adjustment. (May be no problem at all). What you will want to look at is the sprocket to see if the teeth have worn into sharp points or have worn to one direction where the sprocket resembles a saw blade. Improper wear of your sprockets will indicate that you would need a new chain and sprocket. A word of advice if your sprocket is worn replace it and the chain as a pair.
Thanks guys. sounds like I'll be needing a new chain and sprocket shortly.
Should have asked earlier - I have been using Maxima "Chain Wax" to lube my chain. Any thoughts on "Chain Wax" vs oil?
I've never heard of any complications caused by using chain wax. I will recomend that when you do buy a new chain that you spend the extra money and get an o-ring chain because they are a much nicer quality and are a lot more forgiving about being under lubricated.
can you tell by looking at a chain if it is an o-ring chain or not?
how do you clean your chain? mine is filthy and i want to clean it and lube it

I'm lazy so to clean a chain I use carb cleaner and just spray it until it runs off the same color as it comes out of the can. I would do it outside if you have a garage floor that isn't already stained to ****. I would avoid using brake cleaner because that may be to hard on the seals if an o-ring chain is in place.

As far as the chain you can usually tell by looking at the chain where the barrels meet the side pieces of each link you can see the O-rings if its hard to be certian you can poke at it gently with a pick to tell the difference between rubber and steel. If you were concerned with when you buy a new one the package should say or just check with the place you are buying it to verify.
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