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Looking at the top pic I'm thinking if you remove a link, that actually consists of two pieces, the chain will probably be too short.
The axle position in the bottom pic looks like you should have enough room for normal stretch as the chain wears.
The new chain will have some initial stretch as soon as you go out and throttle the bike a few times. Then you'll need to adjust it again. It shouldn't need to be adjusted for a quite a few miles after that.
I'm thinking your bike is a CBR 600. If it is then I'm thinking it must have come with a 525 chain originally. I usually change to a 530 when the machine came with a 525 because 530's usually cost less and last better than what you would expect if you change to a 520.
Of course a 520 will rob less HP at the ground than a 530 would... Probably the reason you're going with a 520, huh.
(There is no arguing about more power, it's needed). ;)

S F ?
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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