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Cederberg ride

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I said that I like to ride in small groups or alone

The past weekend I was invited to join a group of bikers where I know three bikers, I was asked to lead the group on gravel roads leading to the Cederbergs
At first a group of 7 bikes joined in, one a super bike and had to leave as he could not go on the dirt with us

We did a few passes but was pushed for time to meet up with the rest of the bikes at Tankwa padstal

Happy as ever to be out there on the gravel, not stopping as much as when I'm alone, but leading the group, I can stop where I want
A lot of newbies in the group, so I keep it slowish and stop at interesting points to keep the brain occupied

Time for fuel stop and to get something to eat

Then non stop to Tankwa padstal where we meet up wit the rest of the group, 17 bikes in total

But, one guy is missing

Some went back to look and he had a puncture, a rock in the tyre

Inflated it and made it to the padstal

More than enough willing hands to fix it

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While they are busy, I can take some pictures

Tyre fixed, all going again

Some rock art from yesteryear


Destination visible in the distance

Nice camping spot with A frame log house with nice clean bed and linen

My job was done leading the group to here

The following day I was heading back home while the group stayed another night to explore surroundings, I had work obligations

To follow
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Got up early the next day, said my good byes and off I went, all by myself

Leaving the camp site I was in a bit of a haste to get home, so I did not stop as often as I'm used to
But, there is time to take some scenery photos

Time for two churches in different towns

And straight back home, very nice 680 km trip over two days

This was a very nice group to ride with, all Air Force members with their officer commanding, a well disciplined group with eager to explore

All of them were very happy that I led them to this beautiful place and want's to go on rides with me again

Very nice to receive such nice compliments

Makes one eager to ride again with such a large group
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Looks like a fun ride, glad everyone enjoyed it.
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Nice photo essay. I guess that's what you'd call it. At any rate, I like.
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Great photos, looks like a great place to ride off road, lots of beautiful country too. Don't have anything like that here in Florida. I think my VX 300 would be right at home on those gravel roads.
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