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I said that I like to ride in small groups or alone

The past weekend I was invited to join a group of bikers where I know three bikers, I was asked to lead the group on gravel roads leading to the Cederbergs
At first a group of 7 bikes joined in, one a super bike and had to leave as he could not go on the dirt with us

We did a few passes but was pushed for time to meet up with the rest of the bikes at Tankwa padstal

Happy as ever to be out there on the gravel, not stopping as much as when I'm alone, but leading the group, I can stop where I want
A lot of newbies in the group, so I keep it slowish and stop at interesting points to keep the brain occupied

Time for fuel stop and to get something to eat

Then non stop to Tankwa padstal where we meet up wit the rest of the group, 17 bikes in total

But, one guy is missing

Some went back to look and he had a puncture, a rock in the tyre

Inflated it and made it to the padstal

More than enough willing hands to fix it

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