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Hey everyone,

Found what I think is the first review of Honda's CBR300R which is coming out here in a few months.

Ride wise, I honestly couldn’t feel any difference between this and the 250R. And that’s not a surprise – the frame, suspension and forks are all exactly the same as before. Even the riding position is unchanged, though this time Honda is releasing an aftermarket kit to lower the seat height by an inch for the vertically challenged.

Brakes are exactly the same as beforehand as well which is fine. They’re more than adequate and will keep stopping without an issue even at a trackday. ABS is of course an option.

Unfortunately, Honda has still chosen to fit the rubbish Thai manufactured IRC tires which are made for extreme durability but offer horrible grip even in moderate conditions. These are the same as used on the CBR250R. That Honda believes it’s acceptable to fit cross-ply tires on a modern motorcycle is truly awful and spoil what is an otherwise great beginner bike. We haven’t been able to confirm if 1980 technology radial tires will be fitted for western markets, but don’t hold your breath. Budget an extra few hundred dollars to replace them immediately.
So, seems much of the same as before. Still good for the price as a first bike if you must buy brand new.
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