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cbr 600 radiator problem

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Ok so, more than just a radiator problem. Ran my bike into a curb today, and I now have a hole in my radiator. I have a couple of questions:

1. Where can I get a radiator at a good price?
2. My bike is a 2004 cbr600f4i - can I use a radiator from a model other than this?
3. I hit the curb pretty hard. Is there any other damage that I should be looking for specifically?
4. What is the best repair manual I can buy for this bike and where can I get it?

Thankyou so much for your help. I hope I can pass on some info once I learn some more about this bike.

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i dunno about the radiator but the best manual would be the original shop manual.
+1 on the manual. Honda ones are by far the best.

You can probably find a radiator on Ebay or by searching motorcycle salvage yards if ya want to go that route. New, I would check some of the online OEM Honda parts places. Search in Google "OEM honda motorcycle parts". It's gonna hurt that I can tell you. I would also look over any part that was hit or bumped such as the fan, wiring and hoses. I guess the fairings took a beatin' too.
Damn. If I ever own a CBR I'll try not to bust the radiator that's for sure.
I appreciate your help. I found the OEM radiator almost immediately yesterday and like you guys said - $500 is gonna hurt. I hope I can find one on ebay or in a yard somewhere. I'll check honda's website to see where i can order a manual. Thanks. If anyone else has any suggestions I'm wide open.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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