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cbr 600 f2 acting funny

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Hey so i recentlly posted a new topic with my throttle stop cable or my idle cable how it was totally off. So i took off my gas tank, and my air unit, and i finally found where that bad boy goes in so i put it in there, and put the air unit back on. And i started my bike and it ran great! This is with out the gas tank. Then eventually it bogged out and died, because there was no gas. So i was super excited. So i started putting the gas tank back on, and i was having trouble fitting on the Fuel regulator ( the thing were you can change it from On, Reserve, and off) I was having trouble getting that Thing fastened to the tank, so i took of the tubes going to the fuel reg. And then i put the fuel reg on the tank seperate, then i set down the tank and the already fastened fuel reg back on the bike, and hooked up the two overflow tubes to the tank, and the one small one going to the fuel reg. And then i realized that the big tube that leads to the fuel reg had a crack in it. So i cut it off at the crack, and now it is barely long enough to fit on the first half of the fuel reg. nipple. So i put all the tubes on. Screwed everything back up, put gas in it. No gas leak at all, Charged the battery. Then tried to start it.
Now it wont start! Everyonce in a while it tries to start and u can hear it trying to start out of the exaust but it just wont start! It sounds a little bogged down when it tries to start. But i have no clue what it is! Please help!!

Ps. Its a 94 cbr f2! and when i try to start it in first gear with the clutch pulled in, and the kick stand up, it starts to drive foward! >..
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Don't sound like it's getting any gas at all. Something is off or pinched when you put everything back together. That's the first place I would look.

The other problem you have is either the clutch isn't adjusted right or you might have warped clutch plates that are grabbing a little bit. How long has it been sitting?
it hasnt been sitting! It was running great until i unscrwed the throttle stop all the way out. I rode it two days ago.
Ok so i tried starting it this morning. And it started right up! The whole first gear thing wasnt there and i thought that maybe it just needed to sit. So i went out and rode it around four miles, then parked it for 30 minutes. Then started it back up and on my way home at like the second mile, it started bogging down, and the rpms started slowing dropping, and it just died. So I was stuck 2 miles from home. So i sat there for 30 min then eventually got enough energy to push start it, so i tried and it push started right up. Then i drove it off probably about half a mile down the road then it did the same thing. So I waslked it a nother mile, then when i was walking it home i tried to start it and it started right up! haha.. so i drove it home, and then i parked it in my garage adjusted the idle screw so it was idleing fine at around 1800rpms, and i let it idle for 5 minutes. And it was doing great. So i turned it off, tried to start it back up, and it was all boggy again. So Idk what the heck is going on.
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I don't know man. It is kinda tough to see what's going on when you ain't there. Still sounds like it's getting fuel hit or miss to the carbs.
so...... i thought that if there was a little gas in the tank the bike would still run fine. But i was wrong lol.. I put 2 gallons in and it started right up.. lol So i guess it was the gas the wholle time

LOL! It happens to all of us.
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