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Let me try to clarify. When I pull in on the clutch lever, there is a rat-tat-tat coming from the crank case and matching vibration on the clutch lever. When I have it all the way in and shift into 1st, the rear wheel will start to turn (even with the lever still pulled). Then it just slowly stalls.
Is the wheel turning with the bike on the stand, or is this on the ground and it just tries to drag the bike forward? On the stand is normal, but on the ground, the clutch is not fully disengaged, like pulling the lever all the way in isn't pushing the throwout far enough. There should be less than about 1/2" movement at the end of the lever before you feel it start pressing on the clutch. Perhaps the bearing on the clutch lifter is failing?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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