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I have a Kawasaki ZZR600 and i've been having some carburetor issues with it. It sat for about 3 years and I decided to restore it.

After giving it a carb cleaning it starts and idles, but dies when I take of the choke. Also, it stutters for a bit when i give it throttle, and to top things off it leaks fuel from the main jet tube. Im not an expert at motorcycles, but I have done a fair share of research and can't find a solution for this.

Any ideas help, thanks.

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Starts but dies when you turn the choke off?
The pilot (slow speed) circuit is plugged somewhere, probably in the main carb body itself.

Fuel leaks out if the main jet?
You're probably referring to an overflow/bowl vent tube.
The float valve is bad or not clean enough causing it to overflow fuel out of the carb. Or the float itself is 'sinking' causing it to overflow.

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... After giving it a carb cleaning it starts and idles, but dies when I take of the choke...
It would help if we knew exactly what "giving it a carb cleaning" included.

If it did NOT include separating all the carbs from the bank, disassembling each one down to ALL its internal parts, removing and cleaning all of the jets, including the pilot jets (idle circuit jets), then you haven't done enough work to properly clean carbs that have been sitting for three years.

You're gonna have to get it all cleaned the right way including those pesky pilot circuit jets, or the bike will never idle or run right.

I just recently finished up rebuilding the 6 carburetors off of my friend's 1981 Honda CBX. Those took me 32 hours labor total. That will give you an idea of the amount of work it takes to do it right.

So... get back in there, and don't give up until everything is clean and clear.

If you really want to learn about motorcycle carburetors and other tech, you should spend some time on this site:

The site belongs to Mike Nixon, a retired certified Honda motorcycle service technician and trainer, who had a forty year career with Honda. Mike is the single most knowledgeable guy about motorcycles I've ever met in my fifty years of wrenching on bikes.

Particularly, go to his tech article section and start reading the articles under "Carb Corner". Mike also sells books he's written on carb rebuilding that are illustrated and the best available, plus reasonably priced.

Good luck with it.
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