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carb install help

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i have a 1983 suzuki gs750e. i removed the carbs because they were leaking. i cleaned them and now i want to put them back in but im having a problem remembering what hoses go where. i know the thick line is for fuel and goes to the petcock and there is another line that goes to the petcock on the opposite side of the carbs that is for vacuum to the petcock, but there are 2 more ports that hoses came off of. are these 2 remaining ports on the carb (they are both located on the same side and in similar places) just breather ports. there is a port that is located on the underside of my fuel tank opposite the petcock but it only looks to be a dummy port because it really doesnt connect to anything. it is part of the bracket that sits in front of the cover that houses the fuel sending unit. the 2 remaining ports on the carb are smooth, not ribbed like the brass colored ports that go to the petcock i dont have an air filter box either, i have those individual air cleaner pods in case that matters. thanks for any info R H
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