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I have purchased my very first harley davidson 1998 Road King Classic.
I have changed all fluids and spark plugs. I have a slight sputter. I have triple checked the plug gap.
My question is would it be ok to put in some carb cleaner (gum out)? I am thinking a cap full in each full tank.
Any one see any problem with this?
Thanks for your thoughts.

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I don't see a problem with that but you're going to want an inline fuel filter in it or if yours has one from the factory you may want to do that with the carb cleaner and replace it soon there after. What may end up happening is all the gunk and goo that's accumulated in the past 9 years may get stripped off the bottom of the tank and clog the filter or if you don't have one, clog up the carb. Probably to take care of the little sputter might require a carb adjustment.
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