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Hey there guys.

I'm here for advice on building a new trike 2f1R

Along the way I'll need to find a powerplant(a 1100 or 1200 goldwing preferrably as they are watercooled)
Drive shaft(preferred, but a belt is also an backup option
Disc brakes

Probably going to use a vw front end since i'll never get the DOT to approve the front end of a 4 wheeler for highway use. Might just make my own out of kevlar/carbon using the original for masters.

Going to build an enclosure out of kevlar/carbon fiber.

Already have the kevlar pre-preg

Waiting on the powerplant to materialize in front of me for cheeeeeep. Until then just in the planning stage.

Have access to every form of cad imaginable
Ply cutters
CNC (for any aluminium fittings i'll need)
CNC Router (for the composites)
Plexi and stretched acrylic for windows, (except for the front which I'll have to pony up for a dot approved glass at some point.) Can use the stretched acrylic for testing and for a pattern for the custom glass.

My first ride was a Honda CB500. Rode it everywhere, including a few round trips to North Dakota and back from Texas. Fell in love with a drive shaft, and that wonderful old Vetter full fairing. 100k+ miles later i blew a 1" hole in the right piston because of a water leak.

Have no real budget. I'm going to be robbing peter to pay paul, and not sure how it's all going to turn out in the end. But figured signing up here would at least net me some great information along the way. Hoping to run across a basket case front with a decent engine and rear and hit the ground running.

Been studying everything from the old pulse autocycles, to the aptera, to the moonbeam. I'm not after speed, but safety and comfort with decent mileage. skipping the whole 4 wheels down regulation garbage, or I'd just make a 4 wheel version. Heck, If I get the chance, I'll make 2 bodies and front ends and just be able to change out the rear assembly. Single driver when needed, and a 2+ seater other times.

Yeah, I'm nuts, but maybe just nuts enough to pull this off. Ok I'll shut up now and wait for the laughter to die down to a dull roar ;) Hope to be seeing you soon and keeping you posted as I go.

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Unofficial Welcome Wagon

Afternoon Candid and welcome.

"Nuts"?! I don't think so... 'Person with a Vision'? Definitely! :D I dunno but this sounds like an AWESOME project to me! ;) Keep us posted!

LRG :cool:

Knees 2 the breeze!
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Welcome from Southern Illinois! You'll get nothin' but SUPPORT here! Good luck on your project!
God bless & ride safe!


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Thanks for the warm welcome. This is one of those things where the planets have to be aligned just right. I'm going to make it happen some how. The mind is there, if only the pocketbook was willing. I'm lucky enough to have access to all the right equipment at work.

I'll probably be working up a few designs over the next month or so. I'll just have to see where it takes me. All free-form designing I do in Rhino. Just about the best software you can find for curved surfaces. Only drawback is it's not free. Worth it if you need it though.

I work in aerospace, so most of my time is spent checking out the tooling to make new parts for planes and helicopters in one form or another. We make canopies(windshields), injection molded rocket pod covers and air scoops, blow molded air duct for interior heating/cooling. Thermoformed interior panels, and of course composites for the inside and outside of jets. I'm very lucky that I've access to all this equipment. I can occasionally get access to some old inventory (how I got the Kevlar) for a ridiculously low price.
Anyway, If you've any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask. If you need something modeled, shoot me the dimensions and I'll try to get you a model(or just a render if you prefer) back to ya.

I was thinking on the way home about the new vw bug's front end. Guess I really need to check it out. Love the idea of larger tires. Hate the thought of all that weight. Have to see if there are any low rolling resistance in that size.
On the engine I'd really love to have a Diesel. I know there are some old ones from India, and a new batch for the military that were promised to the public before they realized they could milk the military for twice the price.

So, that's it for now. Appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Once I get qualified to post pictures, etc. I'll keep you updated with those and renders as well.
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