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Can anyone identify these front forks?

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I just joined the forum, my name is Steve, and I am looking to pick your brains.

Just bought a highly modified 2013 Triumph Tiger 800, the original owner apparently turned it into a Tiger 800 XC++
Unfortunately I bought it from the second owner

Anyway, the bike has Ohlins rear suspension but I am stumped by the forks. They are fully adjustable inverted forks, the only markings I see on them are
- <-> +
On the bottom by the wheel.

Both top caps have a 4 spoked plastic Comp adjustment with no markings.

Pics added for clarity.

I'm looking to identify them, in case I need to service them at some point.

I took pics of the top caps and bottom marking posted below, hoping that someone can figure it out.

The seller said he wasn't sure what they were, he thought they might be from a KTM but googling I found nothing similar.


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Yeah, I knew that much, thought maybe it was stamped differently for different fork manufacturers.
Or someone could recognize the compression adjustment knob and top cap.
I am wondering why it matters.
"I'm looking to identify them, in case I need to service them at some point."

1) It will make it easier to find parts that fit properly to rebuild them, if necessary in the future.
2) Oil quantity/viscosity recommend varies with different setups
3) Curiosity

Sure, all this can be figured out using calipers, tape measures and trial and error, but I would rather avoid the headache.
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This might be tedious, but google motorcycle forks then click on images. Who knows, you might see yours.
First thing I tried, and then various combinations of related phrases.
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