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I recently fell off my motorcycle and I noticed the chain was too loose. Can that make you fall?
Short answer: no.

Why is the chain loose? Lack of maintenance? Worn out?

What I felt was the back wheel a bit weird before falling.
I'm assuming "weird" means a skid (loss of traction).

The tyre will only skid if the force you apply exceeds the grip available. This always
holds true, even if you are riding on ice or spilled oil.

I let someone cross the street and I couldn't brake perfectly, I though it was because it was raining a bit... but then I continued, the wheel went crazy and BAM!
Light rain after a long dry spell can leave a very slippy surface, much worse than
heavy rain. As others have said, painted lines can be slippy when wet. Wide strips
of tar banding can be very dangerous in wet or extremely hot weather. Metal
manhole covers are very slippy when wet and are often placed in the middle
of the lane.

So.. Can the loose chain be the problem?
Probably not in this case, although jerky/snatchy transmission can make it
more difficult to control the bike in turns and roundabouts.

Rue de la Gare 4-14, 2014 Milvignes

Rue de la Gare seems to be fairly steep with a pedestrian
crossing at the bottom of the hill. Were you travelling east (downhill)?

If the problem was the traction, does it mean it was possible to avoid the falling ?
Yes. Given enough time, it is possible to avoid almost any situation. Better observation
might give you an extra second or two of braking time. Better braking technique may have allowed
you to stop safely. Safety features like ABS and traction control can also help you to
stay in control when road conditions are difficult.

Look after basic maintenance. Check/adjust that chain and replace it if necessary. Check tyre
condition and pressure regularly. Make sure your brakes are in good order........

I'm glad you seem to be ok after your incident. The fact that you are trying to figure out
what happened suggests that you have learned from the experience :thumbsup:

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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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