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Call to arms

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Don't know if this has made it here or not but there is a Denver Colorado station that had a broadcast inciting violence in retribution against motorcyclists. This situation has yet to be resolved and the station and station owners are trying to sweep the incident under the rug. I am posting to get the awareness out there and encourage any and all to read up on the goings on.

This is a call to the general motorcyclist community to try to bring some responsibilty to broadcasters and encourage some education.

Too many restictions on this forum to attach links or boycott letter, happy to get the info to anyone interested.

go to 9news and search for "Bikers, motorcyclist upset by radio DJs comments"

Here's another approach. Email the directors of the company that owns Alice 105.9 at

Email: "[email protected]"
Subject line: ETM Board Message

Make sure to use the subject line or your email will be filtered out. All emails sent to this address (other than email regarding matters that are not in the province of the Board of Directors) will be distributed in print form to directors of the Company or such other sub-group thereof as may be specified by the sender.

Hopefully this will get someone's attention.
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Ya know...some people only understand something if it gets to their brain through their rear. Sometimes, a whoopin upside the head is all that gets their attention. They wanna incite violence? It's not against the law (YET) to defend yourself.

Most biker haters are in the same attitude camp as gun haters. It's not the person's actions that are important (we can't be judgemental, ya know), it's the inanimate object and its appearance. Ya get to the point where talking with such people is in the same camp as mud wrestling with a pig.
Sadly true. It of course was neatly swept aside.
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