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Hi! Hope someone can help. My green laner was stood for a year or so and now it won't start. I've tried lots of things so to rule them out, this is what I've done already -

New battery, fully charged and healthy.
Tried a new solenoid...still one click.
Connections all clean and tight.
Fuses appear fine.
Cables appear ok.
Battery earthed.
Lights etc all work fine.
I've jumped the starter motor direct from the battery, turns over fine and strong.

So....any other ideas welcomed!! I'm by no means a mechanic but can do most things.

Thanks all


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Instead of going straight from the battery, just jump over the 2 big terminals on the solenoid.

If it turns, then it's either the solenoid (I know it's new..but still) or the circuit that's closing it. Either way you proved out the whole high current circuit except the solenoid that way.

If it doesn't turn then jump out more of the circuit to find the bad cable or connection.

That should divide your problem into either A high current components or B low current components.

Troubleshoot accordingly and keep narrowing it down until you get to the problem
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