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I'm looking to buy a used Kawasaki Vulcan 500, and have 3 choices:
- a 2008 with 600 (yes 600) miles - excellent condition
- a 2009 with 6000 miles - excellent condition
- a 2007 with 14,000 miles, 6000 of which was a road trip - good condition

The 2008 and 2009 are priced around $3000 - significantly higher than kbb meet-in-the-middle point.
The 2007 is around the KBB meet-in-the-middle - $2000.

I'm stuck in analysis-paralysis as to which one to get, and would really appreciate some advice.
Or even a sense for what's a fair price gap across the 3 bikes.
Is there some general formula for $/mi premium for low mileage, assuming general care of the bike are comparable.


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I do not know of a calculation guide. I do know the legal aspect of the formation of a contract, between a willing seller and a willing buyer. The price becomes what ever is agreed upon by both parties.
The newer bike with 6000 miles on it might be my choice. I am not familiar with those bikes.

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