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I need some help guys! My brother isnt the most reliable person, and he attempted to build a motorcycle himself but hes not the best planner and doesnt remember much. anyway he bought a basically stripped bike with a frame, wheels, and engine with carb attached. no gas tank, no handlebars no electronics, nothing else. with one of his dumb nights he scratched the VIN sticker and now i have about 4 letters of the vin missing, and the engine has been painted over so i cant match the engine code or find it frankly. i bought it off my brother and i really want to build this into a bobber. all i can find on it is on the rear next to the carb it says 233in. and on the front are two exhaust ports side by side. so the exhaust would have to come out and run under the bike. its a honda engine and i was originally told a shadow, a 750 at that, however i cant find a honda shadow engine with those exhaust ports. can someone please attempt to help me figure out what engine this is! i really want to build my first bike!. thanks much! i can post pictures for anyone willing to help!

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There are too many problems with that bike.
There are complete bikes about, with papers, that have not run for a while. You might get one for free. Ask.
Some folks are trying to get rid of junk. Husbands become ill and can not ride. Stuff happens.
I have a 1980 XS1100 Yamaha Midnight Special. I paid $200 for it. It has a set of 4 into 1 pipes that are worth more than that. It will be about a days work to get it running. I have the papers, and a nice note from the previous owner who told me it will wheelie in third. Bike riders lie a lot.

Bon chance. UK


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