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brake light stuck on

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alright folks :)

got a 2019 mash 50. the brake light is permanently on.

because im an idiot, i tried to lift the bike by the handlebars when in a rush, and the area around the throttle made an ominous sounding snapping/clicking noise.

although the throttle seems fine, im wondering if ive broken something in the connection that leads to the front brake, which is in the same area?

see pics
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all help really appreciated :)

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Does the bike have mechanical switch attached to the lever, or a pressure-operated switch? Have you tried disconnecting the wire to that switch?
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Both brakes have a light switch adjustment on them. Normally you can just use a Phillips head and turn the adjuster each direction until the brake light is off then test to see that it comes on when you apply the brake.
Look under your front brake lever for brake light switch. Looks something like this
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See those two metal terminals at end? they have wire connectors plugged into them. You most likely bent terminals sideways, snapped off plastic divider separating them. So now the 2 wire connectors are touching. Use flat screwdriver tip to separate terminals & wires so they don't touch.
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thanks everyone so much for your replies, i didnt get an alert hence the late reply. I've attached 4 more pictures

@WintrSol i'm not sure what type of switch it has, have attached 2 pictures which show what happens when i pull the lever, and circled 2 places where it might activate a switch - the top one is behind a round rubber membrane and the other is a tiny black plastic square being pushed into some sort of housing - does that help at all?

@Traveller11 i dont suppose you know exactly where I'd find those adjusters please? around the lever and pedal somewhere?

@DannoXYZ I've had a look for that and can't see it, I'm assuming it's hidden inside a housing? Have attached a couple of pictures of what the lever looks like from underneath

thank you again :)
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problem solved. you're gonna love this - a fantastic opportunity to laugh at a noob. i didn't realise there's such as thing as a parking light.... i locked the steering but turned the key one stage too far.

i hope i didn't waste anyone's time and you can just laugh at my idiocy!

all the best to you all and thanks so much for being kind
heh, heh... we've all had to learn that at one time or another. Good job tracking that down.! :)

Looks like someone's replaced your brake-lever, not factory unit. For reference, here's brake-light switch and wires going to it. Terminals on switch should have no-connection when lever not squeezed. Then have full-continuity (zero ohms) when lever squeezed.
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Also your brake-lever nut is upside-down and loose. Remove nut, flip it over and install so flat side is facing up. Tighten til lever stops moving, then unwind it about 1/2 turn so lever moves smoothly, but has no vertical wiggle.
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haha thank you mate. thats really helpful actually :) looks like the switch is working correctly, had no idea it was aftermarket though.
re the brake lever nut, yeah i noticed it needed tightening but not that it was upside down. thank you sir :)
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Parking lights are a good way to kill a battery; seen it many times on these forums. This is a good reason to replace the tail lamp and license plate lamp (if separate) with LED. They will still kill the battery, but will take many hours longer to do so, if you forget and put it in P again, or want to use it on the side of the road.
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