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Hello everyone :smile:

I am here because I was interested in acquiring some clamps that I have checked on a BMW bike. After some research, these seems to be a generic part and widely used in a bunch of models, for example on the R 1200 GS and F 850 GS.
These are some small accessories that joins the brake hose with a cable near the caliper. I will leave 2 pictures showing the part:

After I contact a BMW dealership directly, the following part number was given to me as the supposed number for the clamp. Although, after a search on google and verifing the drawing, it seems to be different from the clamp on the image. The part number is: 34322333077.

Could anyone please confirm me if these are the clamps? Is this correct part number? Could it be a "generic" drawing and not the exact one?

Finally, could anyone with any bike that uses these clamps have the kindness to send me some detailed pictures please? This would really help me identify if the reference it's what I am really looking for or not.

Thanks for your help :wink2:
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