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I’m trying to find the cotter clips for the front and rear brakes. BMW only sells the bolt, clip, and cotters as a set for $30.
$90 for all three seems stupid for something that should cost penneys. Any insight as to where I can find ?
First stop for BMW parts should be the online fiche at Max BMW to track down the part and price. Here's the link:

If it's an expensive item, give the Beemer Boneyard a try. Here's the link:

For hard to find metric hardware and automotive specialty supplies, Give Bel-Metric a try. A while back I needed 10 M5X20SI Torx stainless fasteners. Max BMW wanted $2.53 each. That's $25.30. I bought them from Bel-Metric @ 48 cents each. That's $4.80. Saved $20.50 and Bel-Metric's website made it easy to find what I needed. Here's a link:
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