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I'm a new owner of a BMW R1200GS from 2007 that has a few electrical issues... mainly the Tire pressure sensors that give very intermittent readings.

I can't say they never work, occasionally they appear but most of the time I can rely on them to not work.

I thought that because either the front, back or both work at different times the problem might not be just as simple as changing the batteries in the sensors.

The bike has just past the 70k mark and I have no idea if they've been changed before. Is changing the batteries a service item or is there more likely to be a problem elsewhere (maybe someway I can narrow down the problem).

Advice is much appreciated


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I own a BMW R1150RT which was made before BMW started putting factory TPMS on their bikes. But I've done lots of reading in the BMW forums and can tell you what I've read. The batteries in the sensors are designed to last 6-7 years. Replacement OEM sensors cost in the neighborhood of $300 each. The battery is not designed to be replaceable, but there are Youtube videos out there with instructions on replacing the batteries using an Exacto knife and hot glue.

In addition if you do a Google search for "R1200 tpms replacement sensor" you'll find some info about TPMS sensors from a company named Autel that are far less expensive and have been reported to work well.

Hope this helps.
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