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Hello friends my name is Drew I just recently bought a 2004 BMW r1150r non ABS model. It has 29500 miles red I bought it from the second owner I am wondering if any of you can help me out with service tips the clutch fluid brake fluid, form oil replacement,
I am pretty handy with a wrench but it's been some years since I wrenched on bikes I worked in the motorcycle industry as a mechanic for a few years but was never very fast and then I switched into the motorcycle industry sales.
This is my first BMW I've ever owned. It rides and drives incredibly well the last owner owned it for 8 years he never changed the fork oil or any of the brake or clutch fluids it was always stored inside a climate-controlled garage. I am wanting to do a major service on it. From everything I understand these bikes are pretty easy to work on being the boxster twin.
Some of the questions I have are about bleeding the front brakes because there is two rotors and two calipers if I remember correctly you need to bleed the one with the longest line first and then the shorter line?
I live close to Asheville North Carolina if there is any BMW riders who are avid mechanics as well or if anybody knows of a good third-party not BMW dealership mechanic. I would be very interested in connecting with someone who works on these bikes regularly that does not charge $159 an hour. I spoke with Eurosport of Asheville. I think I can do a lot of this work myself and I have quite a bit of tools I just am having a hard time of where to start.
also if there's any avid BMW riders in the local Asheville area I would love to connect with some of you all.
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