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BLUE DRAGON Built by Orange County Choppers owned by Dave Snyder, Lewistown, Pa.
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Interesting headlight placement! Is that neon I see there? I'm not usually a big fan of that, but done tastefully...

yes the neon collaborates with the paint job perfectly.
Please, please put up some close-ups of the tank and fender. Overall that bike looks awesome though.
yes yes overall looks nice, but details show your work.
thats so clean. the led accents make it look 10 times better
i've been to OCC,would'nt pay that kind of money for a bar hopper. plus saw all the other bikes,you'd be surprised of the shoty work and lumpy welds. with that long ass chopper what are you gonna do if a car pulls out in front of you? i mean really,i dont care how good your reflexes are.
i like how the blue comes off the chrome on the engine.
Wish it wasn't so dark so you could see it better.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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