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Black Rose Chopper By Orta

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Hey Guys

I just found out about this forum, glad to be here. I recently have become a member of a few forums to get to know good people from around the country an have them get to know my work. Some of you may know me from another forum but for those of you who dont I hope you enjoy my bike. I just unveiled my custom " THE BLACK ROSE" at the Boot Hill Saloon during biketoberfest. Iv'e taken the liberty to post my web page link in the hopes that you take a look at her and offer comments.I'm a garage builder out of Miami and basically want to get the word out that I exist.

Please notice that all the leather pieces on the bike besides the seat ARE NOT LEATHER but aluminum sculpted to look like leather. Also that most all of the custom pieces on the bike were designed, either machined or fabricated by me including the seat.


Thank You
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Hey your bike sounds cool but you should post a photo here. Going to unsecured sites is a good way to get hijacked you know
Nice work man! I see you getting out of the garage real soon, and into a store front.
You picked a good place to get the word out, I too just started my own custom paint business, and getting the word out nationally is tough. These forums are a good place to get people talking about you.
Best of luck to you
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