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Which motorcycles, under 500c, have the shortest distance between seat and handlebars, or, would require the shortest reach?
I really like the sport bike style but I don't want to be bent over when riding. Of the Suzuki TU250, Honda Rebel 250 or 300, Yamaha V Star 250, which would require a shortish person with normal arm length, to bend over the least?

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I do not know. It is best for you to sit on a bunch of bikes, to determine which one fits you best. It is not just the reach to the bars, but the seat height, and the foot peg position. the angle of the bars will also be a factor, and the shape of the seat.

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I second what krusty said, go sit on a bunch of bikes and try them out.
Bar reach is one of the easiest things to change though, you can buy a different set of bars and have them installed relatively inexpensively and have any reach that you like, so if you find a bike that’s perfect except for reach you might want to look into that option.

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All of those 250 class bikes will have easy to reach bars. I have experience with the Rebel 250 specifically. I'm 5'6" and I'm just about at the height limit for that bike. My problem wasn't reaching the bars (easy) but hitting my knees with the bars when doing U-Turns. So if you have longer than average legs or are taller than me, I would probably pass on a Rebel.

But the best way to know is to hop on these bikes to find out, if you can! :)

Some bars will also have a limited range of adjustment as well, but do know that such may slightly change riding position and how it feels to steer.
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