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Bike running bad on reserve

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A couple of days ago my bike started acting up.It will run fine until I have to go to reserve.After I put it on reserve it still acts like it is running out of gas.I can even fill the tank up and be going down the road with a full tank and switch it over to reserve and it starts spitting and sputtering like it is running out of gas.I thought it was the pet**** so I bought a new stock one and it still does the same thing.I was told the next time it does it to loosen the gas cap and see if it clears up.That didn't work either.My bike is a 2004 Harley Sportster 883.Thanks!!
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could it be something in the tank that's heavier than gas (thus it comes out only when reserve is on)? Flush it and see if it works. From your post I'm not sure if it's the tank you replaced.

Don't buy Harley's :)
True, but hardly helpful in this situation.

Why is the word petc0ck out of bounds on this forum?
Because of the c0ck part I suppose.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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