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I have a Suzuki Gs500 05. Im having trouble with my bike and i cant figuring out whats wrong. The bike was dropped one day and it seemed the battery was died. So i charged it and it ran fine but the next day when i tried to start it again the back wouldnt crack over. It seems to me the battery has died and i am yet to replace it. The bike runs fine when i chared the battery but when i tried starting it again the next day it wont start. does any have a suggestion on what might be wrong with it.

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The battery could have taken a bump when the bike was dropped and one of the plates inside was damaged. Another thing is all the acid could have leaked out when the bike was on it's side. Either way I would replace the battery first. Sounds like it's not holding a charge. If it does it again I would have the charging system checked out though I doubt its bad..
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