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bike not charging

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ok... 97 gsxr 600 when the bike sits for a while it will start, but after i drive it for a minute it will not start back uo i have to push start it, i tested the battier while it was runnin and it is only pushin 12.5 volts.....shouldnt that be about 14. some1 told me it is the rectafier???????

can any1 help!
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First thing I would do is pick up a shop manual. It will tell how to test every part of the charging system using an ohm meter. You're right about the 14 volts while running. Speed the engine up to 2000 rpm and see if the voltage goes up to around 14 to 16 volts. If it don't go up at 2 grand then it's not charging.Most bikes don't charge at idle. How old is the battery? If the battery is old and shot it might not take a charge or let the charging system do it's job. The charging system needs to have somethin' to go off of and if the battery can't take a charge it won't give it a charge.
i look closer at the battery. it had a 9-bs in it the bike calls for a 12-bs, so i changed that (new battery cant hurt), and at 3k rmps it's still only pushing 12.5 so i have the bike parked right now so i can try and trouble shoot this......i quess i'm just going to start at the altanator and see if i cant get 14 on it, then work my way down the line
How about do this, if you really want to work on it yourself spend the $40 or so for a shop manual and test each part of the charging system using an ohm meter the right way before you fry somethin' that isn't fried, like a stator. The shop manual will pay for its self the first time ya use it. Hell, it might just be a wire unplugged.
no **** i prob need a manual b4 i dig into it, the bike died twice on the way to work this morn., brand new battery dead with-in 300miles
I tell you what, it was the best money I ever spent on my CB750F. Lots of useful stuff in there. I also picked ones up for all my 4 wheelers and now I need to get one for my Ninja 500.
i'm having trouble findin a manual where do u get one that is not on the internet so i can pick one up 2day
You can pick one up at a Suzuki dealer usually they have them on stock.
ya i got one....ther girl that was answering the phone was a crackhead and didnt know what she was talkin about.......but i got one still havnt had a chance to test chargin system so for now i'm just puttin jumper cables from the mustang to the bike when i go to sleep, that gives me plenty of charge that day
ok.... replaced regulator....still having same issue, when i tested regulator like manual told me to is should have read 1.5v, but it was only giving, so i r&r regulator got ANOTHER BATTERY still same issue

i'm about to say fuk it and replace the entire charging system, should i go with altanator first or stator????????
How about this, as much as it pains you to do it, trust me I know, take it to a reputable shop. Sometimes ya just have to bite the bullet. It might be cheaper than what you think.
NO!!!!!! i cant afoord the $$ to have some one work on it or right now it would be there, everyone aroung me is sky high with their prices.

here ya go how about this............(i'm fukn stupit not to see this first)....ok i just got the bike, right. it has been dropped almost all the damage done to bike it on stator cover, when this guy and i were lookin at the bike we saw that and realized then that stator deff. bad.......i will change this weekend, and lyk
Ok bro. Good luck. I hope that's it.

NO!!!!!! i cant afoord the $$ to have some one work on it or right now it would be there, everyone aroung me is sky high with their prices.
I can feel your pain there.
hell ya man thanx for all the input it has really been a lot of help
Anytime, hope ya get it fixed.
ok after gettin into this i founf the plug that come off the alt. and plugs in right at the regulator ( 3 black wired plug) it is burned to hell, does this mean there is a short some where or is this common on bikes because of the fuses it lacks (meaning that a bike doesnt have a lot of fuses)? and can i just straight wire them together or do i have to have the plug???

help in the mix of repair right now
Ah man that don't sound good. You can wire them together and try it out just be ready to yank them off if you see anythin' going wrong. Sounds like you got a dead short somewhere along the line.
ya when it's put like that it doesnt sound good, my buddy is an electricain (not an automotive electricain) me and him together can figure it does sound like i'm gong to have a good time doing

i'm hopin that it was loose right there at the plug or somethin along those line so i already found the short......not my luck though

once again thanx man
Dead short

You have a dead short somewhere. There is a wire hitting while it is in motion. Old Trick: Crank, turn out all lights at night and shake the bike to and fro. If it is a dead short, it will throw a visible ark. A .99 cent heat shrink and a hair drier and Vuala...
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