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Bike Night at the Chatterbox restaurant here in northern N.J. will end soon when the Chatterbox closes it's doors forever.


It is now official that beginning Thursday September 6th, Bike Night on Thursdays, and Hot Rod night on Saturdays, will now be held at the
Lafayette Village shopping center on Rt 15, about a mile and a half south of
where it is now.
So if you live in the area and frequent Bike Night, spread the word to your
friends that Bike Night is moving!!

On The Road Again!
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Those of you from other areas may THINK you have a Bike Night near you. But compared to the Chatterbox, it probably pales in comparison.
It is normal to have three or four HUNDRED bikes at the Chatterbox on Thursday night.
And I've seen nights when there were nearer to a thousand!
The picture that Mike posted above is only one side of the building. It generally looks like that all the way around the building, and sometimes they are double parked, or triple parked!
This is the REAL Bike Night.
I just hope it can continue with the same enthusiasm at the new location.

Just so there is no mistake....
There are still TWO more Thursday Bike Nights left at the Chatterbox before it moves to the new location.

On The Road Again!
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Change of plans for Bike Night!!!
The shortsighted managers of the Lafayette Village have shown little support for having Bike Night at their place.
The owner of the Jumboland Diner on Route 206 in Culver Lake would LOVE to have us there and is making preparations to be able to handle us two weeks from now.
September 6th, Thursday, will be the start of the NEW BIKE NIGHT at the Jumboland Diner, about 3 miles north of the Chatterbox on Route 206.
Jumboland was originally an ice cream place when I moved up
here years ago. Over the years it has expanded into more of
a diner and family restaurant serving a bit of everything.
Us and them should be a good fit.
We'll see in a few weeks.
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