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Seems to me they might not have put the primary fluid back to the proper level, and if it is the same fluid the lubes
the tranny like the Harley Sporty does, and this happens after the first big problem of leaking this big puddle, I would
get a hold of this bikes service manual or maybe this will be in owners manual, check it out, if it does not say in owners
manual that primary fluid lubes tranny, get the shop book, It just seems to me that these two major issues ARE VERY

If they say,"One issue has nothing to do with the other." then I think they are trying to stiff you. I am not a wrencher BUT
I think that the 2nd issue happening so soon after the big leak says a lot. I'd find another Victory dealer and in the mean-
time call up headquarters and tell them. Something tells me you bought the bike from this dealer, could be I am just assuming
you did. In either case though I am sure that will be a BIG $$'s item and you should not have to have that expense, call up or
go to other dealer or shop that works on Indian and find out how long a tranny is good for and if there are known issues with
your model.

if you find there are no issues and the only reason tranny 'bought the farm is,low level of lube oil, get back to HQ if they have
not gotten back to you to see what they have to say, Maybe they don't want to lose a customer, and since it IS a BUSINESS
they can write it off on their taxes OR their shop insurance will cover it. If it looks like they want YOU to pay, Not saying it is
right or wrong but I would ask them if they thought it would be worth losing a lot of customers over because after a good ride
I hit up a bikers joint and I know I will start telling others exactly what happened here, so not only do you lose out on selling
bikes BUT the service costs that go with it and any accessories too for that matter, and putting your exp on the internet. That
just might change their mind.

I am gonna get off the subject briefly to show tell you what can happen, I bought an A/C for the house and a few days after the
30 it starts running horrible. "Sorry, should have brought it back before the 30 days." I would have if it messed up. Lowes did not
want to make good on it at all, their attitude, "YOUR PROBLEM." So I said I'm going to make it yours Ken, I'll go home with this
and get on the puter and go to various places on the internet and my own place as well and tell everyone what kind of business
you do. Who knows maybe someone with a pair of balls will stick up for the customer and you get that tranny fixed and no out of
pocket needed.
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