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Bike kick starts without turning ignition on!

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A couple of months ago just as I rode home and trying to park the bike all lights went off. Because it was dark it was a few week later before I checked it. I discovered the battery was completely flat. The battery was 4 years old and I read somewhere that you will expect to change the battery every 3 years. So I bought a new battery and tried fitting it. To my amazement the bike was kick starting without the ignition key in. I had to remove the leads from the battery. I went in the fuse box and removed the ignition fuse so that I can complete the installation of the battery, but this didn鈥檛 stop the problem. Does anyone have an idea of what is wrong? The bike is a Kymco Venox 250cc 4 years old. My guess is that a piece of electronic is malfunctioning, but which one? Thanks
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My guess is the ignition switch its self is malfunctioning. Sounds like it's stuck in the ON postition even when you turn the key.

ya what he said switches have several contacks one is stuck closed. biker Bob
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