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bike in van

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Has anyone tried to load a average size street bike into the back of a van?I was thinking of converting a cargo van to hold the bike and me on a bed.Stupid idea probably,but thats what we exist for right?
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Bike in a rollin box

Sure, I bought a type 2 ambulance just to do that with. Think of was cheap ($500.00 at auction), low mileage, 1 ton chassis, raised roof, and came with great lighting, get outta jail free pass ( what cop would pull over an ambulance), a built in bed, and storage up the whazoo! I added a pull out ramp and used a 12v winch from a boat trailer to pull the bike in and out. No more trailering and the bike and gear are safe locked up out of site in the van.;)
Thanks for the reply.I actually remember seeing an old ambulance for sale while I was searching for vans to purchase.I just wasn't sure the bike would fit as far as height.
Good point. A bike with a fareing or windshield could very well be an issue. I was hauling basic street bikes and a prostreet chopper so it wasn't a big deal.
Breakout the measuring stick and see what yer up against.
I sold the ol' meat wagon and I now use an RV toy hauler cause I tend to haul more than one bike at a time these days and the creature comforts ( full head with tub/shower and a galley) outway the hassle factor of draging a trailer behind me. Hope the hauler of your choice measures up.
Here a few years ago I bought my wife an AWD Areostar van at an auction. It turned out she didn't much care for it so I figured it be nice to haul my RM 125 dirtbike in. Turns out no matter how many different ways I would turn the tape measure (I'm not quite dumb enough to try and jam the bike in there without measuring, 10 years ago I would have though) it wouldn't fit. A full size van a regular bike would fit probably but one with a fairing I doubt it.

I've seen bikes hauled a million different ways. I sold an old Husky dirtbike to a guy and they picked it up in a Pinto wagon. I've seen 4 wheelers hangin' out of the back of Jeep CJs.
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