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It is the battery period:wink2:

Plugs in these modern fuel injected engines with unleaded fuel can and do last 50,000 miles or more in bikes.

Mice sometimes get into the intake/ airbox and can cut off enough air to affect the running.

The fuel pump may need to be checked by the dealer.

I once had a brand new BMW motorcycle that ALWAYS had to be plugged into a battery tender or the next time I rode it, it would get maybe 20 miles or so down the road and just DIE. The dealer asked me how often I rode it and I told him that with my job, I sometimes didn't ride for a few weeks at a time and I never had a problem with my JAP bikes???? He said that my new 1987 R65 didn't like short rides or not being plugged in to keep the battery fully charged:surprise:

The bike had less than a thousand miles on it and I sold it the next week.:grin:

1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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