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Hi all,

After a few years of use, for the first time this winter I actually covered my 2015 CB650F and let if sit for a month outside (I usually ride all winter). The weather was pretty warm actually, rarely dropping below freezing. I tried to start it the other day and the pump turns on, the lights as well, and the starter tries to turn the bike on but there's no ignition. I took the battery out and the charged it with the battery tender, put it back, no improvement. I just had the spark plugs changed a few months back, and I'd be surprised if they went dead after less than a month of no use. I'd need to take the bike to the garage to replace the spark plugs. My question: if it is the spark plugs, is there a way to revive them without replacing? Also, if it's not the spark plugs, what could it be? I'm thinking air intake or something related? Thanks in advance, and let me know if I can provide more clarification.

1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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