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Big Harley Factory recall

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Wonder how many had to died before they did that. I'm not sure I could react fast enough in pure panic mode to try kicking it out of gear or hit the kill switch. You know a person would panic first. It's not like you practice for that scenario.
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According to the article, no one was injured or killed. Not sure the kill switch would be a great idea unless you were ready to skid to a stop. I would probably break until the bike stalled, then skid.

Fortunately, the affected models did not include the 2018 Softails. Yet.
I'm not saying the kill switch would be a wise move either but I am suggesting in pure panic mode that might be something a person would do. I used to know how to handle a brake failure but brakes are so much more reliable now that I'm not sure I could deal with that in pure panic mode either. When you KNOW you are supposed to start slowing down and ARE NOT, most will go into pure panic mode. A clutch pulled in should start slowing you down, so what is done in the next critical seconds is key. And what do people actually practice using? The kill switch. Again, not that it should be used but that it's what MIGHT be used. People routinely say, "I had to lay her down" when talking about a crash they were in. Which means they gave up and didn't apply the brakes properly or to the maximum. So I suggest the kill switch might be used here too. As wrong as that might be. That's all I was saying.
An experienced rider knows how to up shift and downshift without using the clutch and also how to find neutral without the clutch by rpm matching and rolling the throttle on and off slightly to achieve the result.:smile_big:

To take off from a stop, the bike should be in neutral with the engine running and set in motion by pushing forward as first gear is selected.:wink2:

This is a skill that comes in handy if a clutch cable breaks or a hydraulic clutch system fails. I thought that every dirt bike rider or racer knew this stuff??:surprise:

The main point is that this company has been making motorcycles for over 100 years and is having problems with something as rudimentary as a clutch. This should not be happening.
I like all motorcycle companies regardless of origin and current point of manufacturing so I won't bash American vs metric or European or anything else. I've worked in industrial production and quality control for almost 40 years. It takes continuous hard work. It is much easier to keep a customer than to lose his trust and then try to regain it.
Shame on Harley Davidson for taking its eye off the ball. They have no one to blame but themselves.
If the clutch failed, I would likely enter panic mode and not do the ideal thing.

Heading to the garage to examine the clutch system.
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