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I'm 6'7" and a big guy. Think overweight football player.
I've ridden a bit, no pro by any means. I sold my last bike 20 years ago after being run off the road into a ditch, got out, went after the driver, he pushed me off the road again, and without having a plate number cops could do nothing.

I had a couple older Hondas. My wife recently bought a scooter but she don't like it, so I've ridden it, but it's too small to be safe for me. A 2008 Linhia A(something) 300cc. Its too small for me.

I'm looking to trade it to someone that bought too big and wants a nice scooter.

The problem I have is what bikes are good for big and tall riders. I want cruiser not speed or show.

I love the Harley Ultra Classic. Can't afford it. Like the Boulivard or V-Star or ACE. I'm not rich but would like to find something a couple years old that sits low with legs forward.

Any ideas?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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