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Best beginner honda sport bike 81-05

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Hi all! I'm Space and I'm looking for a great intermediate/beginner sport bike. I want something affordable, something capable of going on the freeway for < an hour without my ankles, wrists and organs being vibrated to mush. I've grown up riding dirt bikes before, driven a few midrange cruisers and the only time I've put a bike down is when I'm on the dirt, I've been driving/ had my class C lisence for 2 years now, I've had my Class M permit for a while and I'm finishing my motorcycle safety course soon. I've decided I want to get myself a sport bike. It doesn't have to be new or fancy as long as it works, is (relatively) comfortable and preferably under 700ccs and it's gotta be Honda.
I'm 21, about 5'10 and 171 lbs.

Thanks all!
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Thanks for the input so far, someone else recommend an 06-09 vfr 800 to me. Is this reasonable? 800 seems like a lot of power especially on a a sport bike. I understand that no bike is going to be perfect especially for my skill level or my budget. Comfort on a sportbike I understand is relative, vibration is part of the business too. My only consideration is a bike that isn't particularly uncomfortable or a bike that vibrates too harshly at highway speeds. Thanks again for all the help so far guys n gals!
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