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Battery's keep dying

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I have 2001 sv650 but my batterys keep dying the regular rectifier And stator are good but for something is stopping the charge back to the battery I'm stuck need help with this one
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Few of questions to help better understand.
1 how old is the battery
2 have you metered the voltage at the battery while the bike is running
3 can you charge the battery with a changer
4 does the bike run if you discount the battery when it is running
Its a new battery I can charge it on a charger the voltage Starts out around 12.70 and after it for about half an hour it drops down to a 0.46 and I haven't tried to see if it runs without the battery hook up
How many volts are you getting at the rectifier with the engine running?
Not sure but I did the forward and reverse bias test on the rectifier and it passed
Did you lay a volt meter on the battery with the bike off and the bike running.

And it sounds like you have the battery on the bench and getting voltage drop. Now if that is true, was it that one drop or did it keep dropping as the night/day progressed with it sitting on the bench no load at all? What kind of battery, a standard lead acid, AGM, Gel, or lithium?
One is an agm and the other one I think its a standard acid
Was it on the bike or on the bench. Did the voltage drop occur over night or all over just a few hours.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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