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Two recent posts have told us how the owners connected the battery the wrong way.

Once upon a time, before alternators, there were generators that had a regulator thing that could be adjusted to control the amps / volts being sent to the battery. My Ford 9N tractor had a generator. It now has an alternator and electronic ignition. But that is not the story. Some vehicles had the battery connected positive to earth / ground. Henry Royce an electrical engineer did this. It had something to do with corrosion I think, but I do not know the whole story.

The problem with that is, you can not use halogen head lights, or a CD player. The battery needed to be changed to negative to ground, which was easy enough to do. But the generator has other plans. To rearrange its thinking, the sparky would flash the generator with a battery and cables, and most times that was enough to change the attitude of the generator to charge with a negative to ground system.

I write this, to suggest to folks to check the charging rate, after wyring the battery the wrong way around. It may not rearrange the alternator's identity, but it is best to check. It probably will just blow a fuse. I have not done it, so I do not know for sure.

I have had the generator flashed as above.

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