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Men's 8 Inch GTX Ultra Lites Comp Uniform Work Boot.

These are my favorite boot. The zipper will tend to fail or get junky if you do offroad riding or walk around in muddy/dry sandy conditions. a simple shot/few drops of oil/cutting oil fixes it right up. Nothing better than coming home over burdened with clothing and just unzipping these things and tossing them to the side easily. or putting them on just as simple. My father says the waterproofing wears on them after a year, but he works with extreme chemicals around his feet all day long and salt water. I personally have not experienced this.

Main downside to this boot is that it is very very stiff. You can either tolerate it or you can't. Personally thats not a flaw that's a bonus to me.

Just be fairwarned that their are many other better racing cycle boots and such which have better impact and shock absorbtion. These are not intended for motorcycle use.
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