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Basic Info of me: 62 years young,

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Born 1960, started on a Honda 50, graduate to a Yamaha 70. Toca Havis from 72 I have 86. Put a shadow 750 wrote it from Cape Cod where I live nova Scotia the Florida and every state in between. In 2000 and I bought a honda Aero. A 1 or possible 2 up! Rode her until 2008 When I got a 1800 Gold Wing. Comfortable for wife, Not so for me! Great handling. Superb riding. What's the width of the engine really bothering my hips. In 2014 I bought a Kawasaki drifter with a sidecar on it in Texas on eBay for $8000. Great bike a good side car I thought California sidecar. Drove it from Texas to Florida. And then Trailer didn't from Florida back to Massachusetts. Two years later I bought a 2016 Indian vintage Cream in Korean with a side car from Hannigan they still drive today. Two years later and butter roadmaster which I do love great stereo system but don't get a chance to write enough. In 2016 I bought my first Indian with a sidecar in 2021 I bought a Honda monkey lil one 2511 do you thousand 22 I bought a Honda trail I'm looking for adventure. Every says the bikes and small that's what makes venture. At 62 years old now 700,000 miles from bikes I've just learned about the THT Craig Waze America trails and I am planning on adventure 30 to 60 days on it.
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Hope to see you contribute. You get more from the site when you do.

That鈥檚 a great introduction. (y)
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