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Hi guys!

So I have a 1991 K100 2V model, which stayed on the cough for the past year and it came up with a cold
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I will do my best to describe the problem but I'm also including a video which I shot yesterday in which you can better see the problem along with my 'best' comments.

So for the past 10 years or so the motorcycle worked great. Not even a problem I may say... However, it stayed untouched for like an year or so and when I tried to ride it, a problem appeared..
First of all, I think it was a starting problem, since it didn't start very good (it used to start exceptionally even if I hadn't started it in a long time). At first I tought it was a battery problem, so i bought a new one. However, this was not a problem. Even with the new battery it took me like 10-15 mins to start it up. The starter motor works ok, however it doesn't start that good.
For example, if I'm trying to start it today, it takes like 10 mins to start it. After I start it, if I'm shuting it down and wait for a few mins, or if I'm trying to start it multiple times in like 1-2 hours, it starts ok, but if I'm starting it the next day, it again takes like 10 mins to start it.

But this is not the major problem, however i think it might be related to it..

The major problem is explained in the video attached, and along with it, i will also try to resume here what i tried to do to solve it...
  • i changed all the spark plugs with new working ones
  • i changed the spark plugs wire in between eachother to check if any of them is broken, and I don't think there is any one broken, since they work OK on the working cylinders
  • i changed the gas it had from the last time i started it (like an year ago..) by putting new gas in it
  • i cleaned the air filter (however it was in an impeccable condition even before the cleaning)
  • i tried to clean the gas filter (fuel filter) -- *
  • the coils don't seem to have any problem, since the spark wire are giving "sparks" (you can see in the video)

* (fuel filter) - i tried to clean it with the air compressor. And I also tried to blow into it. However, when blowing, i felt a very very high resistance. I don't know if it is supposed to be having this resistance or not, but it was really hard to blow into it. The air passed through, however, tooking high pressure power from me to pass through.

So that's basically it.. The motorcycle was working great last time (a year ago) when i started it. It used to work very smooth and no problems showed in the video were happening... Nothing happened in between. It just didn't want to start and work as it did after this year of 'staying'.

Has anyone else faced this problem? Do you guys know what it could be? I really want this to work, i have big plans for it
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Here is my video:

Thank you!!
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