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HEY ALL.....

Not sure how many of you purchase on eBay but I wanted to make sure you are all aware of one eBay store that will NEVER get my business again.

My Leather Mall is the name of his eBay Store
His eBay user account is excelbiker

They have some great buys, but the way they handle business flat out sucks. I purchased and item from them and have the receipt that PayPal deposited the check into their account and they still are telling me that they havent received my payment. Further more the owner of the company is out of town and no one has access to the account to even check.

I called PayPal and they told them it was deposited and they said that wasnt good enough. WTH? To date I have yet to receive my items or my refund.
So I vowed that I would put there business out there and told them I would tell as many people as I know. Thanks to the internet I can tell them and you all who I may not know but share a common bond.
Anyway, I suggest you take your business else where and let your friends know that this place isnt worth a second of your time.
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