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Elliot from boston here. 22 years old and new to bikes and engines.

Bought a 1972 Honda CL350 k4 Scrambler. Bought a Clymer Handbook.

Working on getting the damn thing to run. Bumping into all kinds of exciting problems.

Took the carbs apart today. Kei-Hin 722a.
o-rings on the jets are shot. Don't know if its easy to find new o-rings or if they are extremely specific to my carbs only. Anyone have any suggestions?

Also, the jet coming out of the float bowl, the one with the obnoxiously tiny opening is clogged. I hear that I should NOT use a small wire. Tried compressed air, no luck. Tryed spray carb cleaner, no luck, mostly just got it in my eyes. Any suggestions there?
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