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We've all heard the complaints about political posts. Well we now have a forum where
you can put your politic BS and others can avoid it at their choice.

It can be found in the BIKERS BAR and the forum is obvious, it is POLITICS.

So as this suggests, if you have anything political, this is forum to put it in.
We can't keep all politics out of the other forums because forums by their
nature flow from topic to topic as people relate issue to issue reminded by
something stated in an earlier post. But this forum should corral at least 80%
of all the political discussion.

It is yet to be proven but it might be possible for anyone to "opt out" of this
forum and thereby never see another strictly political post. That was the idea
behind the creation of this forum. If it can actually be done, it might take awhile
to make it happen.

But I think it can happen. You might lose all BIKERS BAR
post however. It just isn't clear to me exactly how this might work. Until you
see the need, enjoy. Don't crazy though. All rules still apply so yes, you can
still be banned after 3 warnings for violating forum rules of conduct.

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Great! Glad to hear it!
Most other forums I'm on are this way.

There is an old saying that says, "Two subjects that
should never be discussed in polite company are
politics and religion."
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