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ATK Good Bikes?

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I'm looking to buy a used ATK 605, '96' Dual Sport, but I don't know much about this brand. Can anyone tell me about them? Pros/Cons? What dies on them first to inquire the current owner about? Are they good all round bikes?
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ATK has been around awhile. Back in the day they used to make some simple but yet competitive enduro and MX bikes using a Rotax motor. They were expensive but tough as nails if I remember right. The only "Made in the USA" off road bike. They bought Cannondale's remaining inventory after they sold out of the motorcycle market. On the flip side they are kinda rare and you don't see much about them so I couldn't tell you much other than what I already did. Is the one you're looking at the 605 DSES?
Not sure

I'm not sure, it doesn't say in the add and I haven't gone to take a look at it. It's advertised on Craigslist>San Diego>Motorcycles>(search)Dual Sport, if you want to take a look. It's the only ATK I've seen for sale so far. It looks like it's in good condition though.
Probably is one of those.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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