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Are Valve Seals Sitting in Oil Bad?

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Hello all,

I am continuing the rebuild of my 1985 Honda Nighthawk 700SC and have reached the point of replacing the valve seals. I went to the Honda dealer to have them replace it for me (which they said the could). I ordered my own valve seals and placed them in a small bag of oil over night so they would be easier to slip onto the valves, and so the dealership wouldn't accidentally tear one if it were dry. The mechanic then said this was one of the worst things I could have ever done, and the seals may not work anymore. Can any of you tell me if what I did really was a bad idea and ruined those seals, or if it was just a cranky mechanic spewing nonsense to later say, "yeah they didn't work so I'm going to charge you more..."

Thank you so much
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Interesting question. They may get a bit stretchy after being soaked in oil. I have never done that, just put a bit of oil on the before installing. But I may be fuzzy on the details, it has been a while. Others here will have done that type of work more recently.

Are Valve Seals Sitting in Oil Bad?

We oil the valve stem and the seal when installing. Then the seal runs in oil so, no.
It's an oil seal after all...
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