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I haven't been on this forum for quite some time so let me come back with something that will get some riled up. Harley has announced that they will be introducing several smaller displacement models over the next several years. These new models will include adventure and streetfighter models, are they kidding? If you go back and look at posts I put out over the past years I advocated Harley do just that. Now I question the strategy as too little too late. When they did sell smaller displacement bikes back in the sixties through the eighties they simply bought Aermacchi ( an Italian company already producing small bikes) and didn't treat them as anything more than an afterthought with almost no continued development. Who really thinks Harley has the ability to design and build credible adventure or sport type bikes? My opinion is that Harley is declining in sales because their base consumers are aging out of the riding community and they are desperate to maintain sales supremacy. Indian is growing and younger beginners are going European or Japanese because they have smaller, cheaper models. Harleys are generally heavy and expensive and I for one don't believe the company has the expertise to pull it off.
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